Selling real estate at public auction is becoming a first resort for many sellers. From relocating executives and builders of new construction to retired empty-nesters... all benefit from an expedient sale and closing of their property.

Pre-Determined Sale Date

  • Condenses the marketing period
  • Decreases seller carrying cost
  • Guarantees offers and sale by specific date
  • Creates urgency/one-time opportunity to purchase property

Eliminates Hassles

  • Sellers set terms & conditions before the sale
  • No offers w/subject-to's or contingencies
  • Eliminates anyone saying "if I had only had a chance I would….. "
  • Eliminates the "offer/counter offer game"

Increases Buyer Participation

  • Exposes property to large number of buyers in a short
    period of time
  • All potential buyers brought together at one time at
    one location
  • Creates competition (bidding increases the price)
  • Gives all interested parties the same opportunity to buy

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