Q. I'm thinking about having an auction, but I need to know what all is involved. Do you offer Free Consultations?

A. Yes, we offer Free Consultations. Simply call us to schedule an appointment. We will come out, look over your assets, and walk you through all of your options. You may also click here to find out more about having your own auction.                                                                  INFORMATION

Q. How soon do I receive the dollars generated from my auction?

A.  In a single owner sale, immediately after the auction is completed and the clerks have balanced the assets unless some other arrangements have been made or in a few days if several owners are involved and the checks had to be made to us for division.

Q. How long does an auction take from start to finish?

A. Start to finish, whether we are talking about before the sale, during the sale, or after the sale, all depends upon the size of your auction. The more assets you have to sell, the more time it takes to get your auction ready, sell the items on sale day, and close the auction out afterward. We will be able to give you time estimates after we look over your assets. We handle all of the details so that your sale is a comfortable experience.

Q. What is a Buyer's premium and who pays it?

A. A Buyer Premium is a set percentage charged to the bidder based on the purchase price. Clients usually add a 10% Buyer Premium to a sale, which then adds 10% to your total bid price. We have never used buyer's premiums and have no plans to use them in the future.

Q. What is the cost difference between have an auction at my residence or having one at some neutral location?

A. They difference is actually only the extra costs for the building, moving expenses or extra labor that is required to set up a sale at a neutral location. We only charge you exactly what it costs us out of pocket for these expenses.

Q. How long before I want my auction should I contact you?

A. It goes without saying that the sooner that you can set up your sale the more dates you will have to chose from. We have had clients set their dates over a year in advance. Of course this is not the usual situation and we would actually like to have a minimum of 30 days lead time to work all of the logistics items out.

Q. What makes one Auction Firm better than another? Aren't they all the same?

A. We believe that one of the most important aspects of any Auction Firm is ourrelationship with not only the seller but also with the buyer. Without the attendance and trust of the buyers, there could be no auction. We at Myers Auction are extremely proud of our reputation for fair and honest dealing established for over 70years by our founder, Eugene F. Myers.


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