We at Eugene Myers Auction Service wish to welcome you to our auction site. This explanation has been prepared to introduce you to the internal workings of how an Auction is set up and prepare to bring it to the point where the auction actually begins. By giving you this insight into the workings of an auction, we hope that you will be more able to understand how this process works and also we hope to dispel any myths that might be floating around about the auction business. We sincerely hope that this explanation will be helpful and informative in some small way.


In a vast majority of auctions that we handle, we receive a telephone call from a prospective client that, for any of a number of reasons, has the need to dispose of either personal property or Real Estate. Most of the time this prospective client has never been involved in an auction and really has no idea how to proceed. This is the point where our full service operation begins. Even though we always will answer any questions presented over the telephone, we much prefer to make an appointment to meet with you, at your convenience, to be able to answer your questions and lay out the auction procedure in a more personal and one to one basis. We always realize how important it is to honestly give our clients the personal help they should expect.

At this initial meeting, we will attempt to answer any and all questions that the prospective client may have and to also explain all of the logistics involved in preparing a successful auction. This initial meeting is held with no obligation to the prospective client and of course is held at no charge. We do this so that the prospective clients will have the opportunity to make their own decisions about an auction after they have all of the information to consider.


After the decision has been made to proceed, we then work with the client in helping them to decide when, where and how to hold their auction. We will explain our opinions, based on over 70 years of doing business, of what day to chose, what time to sell, where to conduct the auction, and how to advertise. When we are sure that the client understands all of the factors involved in making the above decisions, we then always let the client tell us how they want to proceed. One thing we want to make perfectly clear is that a reputable auctioneer never tells a client what has to be done, but only explains what, in their, opinion, will work and what will not work. The client always should make the final decision and then the auctioneer works with the circumstances given him. We at Eugene Myers Auction Service have always and will always adhere to this policy.


The next step, in almost all cases, is preparing an advertising program that will attract the type of buyers that we will need to have a successful auction. Since every auction is unique in it's own way, there is never a set way or amount of advertising that is always needed. Again we will suggest the type and amount of advertising that we think would be beneficial, but as always the clients will tell us how to proceed. Since we have a number of new and exciting ways of advertising your auction, we need your input on which way to proceed. We are now able to offer not only a flyer program that we have used for many years to promote your sale at all of the sales preceding yours, but the Web Site that you are currently viewing opens up possibilities that were unheard of in the past.

Along with the above mentioned areas of exposure, we also have established contract advertising with about any newspaper in northwestern Ohio to handle your print advertising needs. We always prepare the advertising copy for you using only the items that will directly attract our buyers. We have always felt that a certain amount of advertising dollar is required for a successful auction, but that any amount beyond that is wasted money. We do not like to waste our money and certainly do not wish to waste yours. All of the above advertising cost is handled strictly on a cost basis to the client.


If at all possible, we at Eugene Myers Auction Service would like for the seller or seller's family to go through all the merchandise to sort out personal items. We always feel more comfortable with this procedure, since we have no way of knowing what is and what is not personal. Of course if this can not feasibly be done, we do have a presale option to offer that will prepare the entire auction on a cost basis.

On the day of the auction our set up crew will arrive however early that is required to handle the merchandise and to set up the auction in the way that will most readily display and merchandise your items. Our crew sorts all boxes and lays out the small articles in categories on the tables that we provide. We work together, weather permitting, to handles the furniture and large items to place them in an attractive manner outside.  Only the set up labor is charged back to the owners. We take great pride that our clients always understand and know what to expect in the way of cost before the auction even begins.

After the auction, our clerking crew will balance the auction, prepare all paper work and get ready to present all papers pertaining to the auction along with the net proceeds to the client. On a single owner sale, we DO NOT take your money home with us and send it to you later unless, for some reason, we are directed to do so. We are handling your money and we feel that you should have it in your possession in a timely manner.The only exception to this is on a sale with more than one one owner where we have to split the proceeds. In this instance we normally have the checks made to the Auction firm, deposit checks and clear them for a few days and then disburse the funds to each person.


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